Unless you have been living on another planet, you will be very aware of the strange times we find ourselves in.

Victorians have been doing it tough for months now, however we are getting close to a return to cricket, with the latest announcement (26/10/2020) opening the gates for training to commence.

In coming weeks we expect that we will move to a new “Covid Normal” environment, with matches underway, restricted social gatherings, bar facilities open, and the return of the Marky burger.

This being said, things will not be the same as any other year, with a list of rules and regulations we will all need to follow.

As a Club, I have undertaken our commitment and signed off on our Covid plan accepting that we will abide by the Government guidelines pertinent to recreational activity, licensed Club and Cafe type activities, so that we are able to operate under the Covid Normal environment. This document, submitted with Council and Cricket Authorities is an unwavering commitment that enables our Players to return to training and matches, and permits our Members and Supporters to once again undertake some form of re-engagement of social activity.

We will all need to abide by the measures put in place, restricting group numbers, maintaining our social distancing practices, the use of sanitisers, wipes and face masks, and for adults, undertaking a Check-In and Check-Out process when arriving/departing any of our venues.

As these regulations are critical to the Return to Play requirements, and if not undertaken correctly will either jeopardise our ability to open or participate, or cost the Club a substantial fine, I would hope that our Club Community will embrace the changes and help us to undertake what we need to achieve.

We can’t permit any exceptions other than genuine medical exemptions, and the Club will not tolerate abuse of the guidelines. We can not afford to !

At this stage the Season start is targeted as follows:-

  • Premier Cricket – Saturday 21st November
  • Junior Cricket and Master Blasters – Friday 20th November
  • Cricket Southern Bayside – Saturday 14th November

To view a copy of our latest Covid plan please click here.