Now that we look to Season 22/23 a new/revamped players Facebook page will begin very shortly, so keep your eyes peeled !

Lots of exciting news to announce to our Playing Group, and Supporters.

Like all seasons at Premier level, players come and players go.

The Coaching and Leadership Group look forward to continue to develop and grow our Loyal Group, and with some enormous ins and huge improvement from our younger players, we look forward to taking on
Season 22/23.

A compulsory information night will be held for all players returning on

Monday, July the 4 th in the Hunt – McLeod Pavilion at Walter Galt, commencing at 7 pm.

Pre – season has been sorted with Indoor Training beginning in July, and outdoor skills and
fitness, starting in August. Now is the time to start ticking over the legs…

Red Ball 2 Day Games return and Opportunity awaits all Players.

Just to let all Players know, Commitment, Loyalty, Hard Work, Team First, and Respect for the Game will be our Cornerstone.

No walk ups, No cutting corners, No blame game, just enjoy each other’s success.

Can’t wait to start

Winter Cricket Update : from the travelling Hawks –
Kurt wickets and runs for Maiden Head Bray
Nivin dominating for Preston
Polks 4 centuries up in Scotland
Patty 2 tons and a 94.
Saad also in the runs and plenty of wickets for Morton Colliery Derby.
Seamus taken over 20 wickets and got some starts pulling pints in the local Pub.
Fiddy has had some issues getting over to UK waiting for update.
Prajay hit the ground running in Darwin and looking to score heavily second half of year