The Best Clubperson is named after Life Member and Hall of Famer Brian Hunt who has provided the Club with an outstanding service both on and off the field for 40 years.

Each year at the annual presentation of trophies, Kingston Hawthorn Cricket Club awards a person the Brian Hunt Perpetual Trophy for the Best Clubperson Award. The Best Clubperson Award is voted by the Committee and presented to the individual(s) who have made the greatest contribution to the club throughout the season.

Brian has worked tirelessly for the club since he joined at the inception of St Johns in 1975.

He won the award for the first four years and again in 1989. It was decided that the award should be named in Brian’s honour so to allow other people to win the award.

Over the years Brian has been barman (sometimes leaving the ground early to ensure cold beer was available for the players), Curator (Walter Galt and St. Bedes), cleaner of the clubrooms and general handyman. You will often see Brian at the club with his head in the rubbish bin collecting the cans.

The clubs trophies for the first ten years were donated by R. L. Roberts.  Brian would collect the empty bottles take them to R L Roberts the Bottleo and purchase the trophies with the money.

Listed Below are the winners:

YearSt.B.O.C.C.C.St.J.V.C.C.St. J-St.B.C.C /Kingston SaintsKingston Hawthorn C.C.
2020/2021Sue Cater
2019/2020Janitha Katugampola
2018/2019Danny Stevenson
2017/2018Brett Sebire
2016/2017John Hand
2015/2016Frank Miller
2014/2015Brett Sebire/Mick McCoy
2013/2014Mick O’Shea
2012/2013Mark Ruddy/Chris Murphy
2011/2012Greg McLeod
2010/2011John Dunstan
2009/2010John Dunstan
2008/2009Kieran McLeod
2007/2008Greg McLeod
2006/2007Robyn McLeod/Peter Robinson
2005/2006Greg McLeod
2004/2005Paul Layton
2003/2004Phil O'Meara
2002/2003Phil O'Meara
2001/2002Greg McLeod
2000/2001Peter Wingrave
1999/2000Phil O'Meara
1998/1999Greg McLeod
1997/1998Mick O'Shea
1996/1997Geraldine Sullivan
1995/1996Joe Reilly
1994/1995Peter Corboy
1993/1994Mick O'SheaRobyn & Greg McLeod
1992/1993Peter CorboyBill Ellis
1991/1992Dave DinonAnne & Martin Horton
1990/1991Simon HewitsonDavid Perrin
1989/1990E GodfreyGreg McLeod
1988/1989Tim GodfreyBrian Hunt
1987/1988Brian IrvineMartin Mulcahy
1986/1987Geoff TerrellBill Ellis
1985/1986Rod HoweMichael Symons
1984/1985Richard BrennanBill Ellis
1983/1984Alan EckmanBarry Kirk
1982/1983John PlumridgeBarry Kirk
1981/1982Paul CroweDavid Connolly
1980/1981John PlumridgeBill Ellis
1979/1980Paul CroweKevin Segar
1978/1979H KerrBrian Hunt
1977/1978Paul EddyBrian Hunt
1976/1977Peter CorboyBrian Hunt
1975/1976Leo GambleBrian Hunt
1974/1975Bill Rhoden
1973/1974Paul Signoretti
1972/1973Paul Hulet
1971/1972Tom Hynes
1970/1971L Fitzpatrick